Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Short Story: Grounded


by Floyd Looney

“But Da-ad!” I begged all through dinner He was not giving in, though.

“I said no” he told me “I meant it. I am not going to change my mind”

I looked down at the plate, half-finished. “Can I be excused?”

Normally I had to eat everything but dad was in such a foul mood that he let me go to my room. I would not be allowed to go outside and play with new friend. My only friend, I would like to point out.
It was not fair, I knew, as I opened the window and there he was. He waved and I waved. He did a flip and I laughed.

Even Zenog was trying to cheer me up.

I just wanted to put on my pink spacesuit with the purple flowers on it and go outside and play with him for a while. I even promised not to get too close to the asteroid dad was studying. Oh well, maybe dad will be in a better mood tomorrow.


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