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A list of my books and where to find them.

(Kindle Unlimited)

Humans have colonized much of the galaxy, but Earth was abandoned and left in ruins. The damaged and scarred remnants of humanity left on Earth for hundreds of years, only space pirates and slavers ever came to take the healthiest among them. Now there is Tara, she is "The Fourth" and she was made with the purpose of saving Earth. Greyson was born as a child of privilege on a world called Roma until he was exiled by his own father. Greyson and Tara were destined to meet as they try to save both worlds. Appx 44,000 words.
cover by Lucas Alpay

A Child of the Pink Moon (novella)

Nel has been in institutions most of her life, since her family gave her up when she exhibited signs of having super powers. Now there are super-powered teenagers around the world being drafted by governments for combat. While the world rushes into super-powered warfare, Nel must deal with a super-powered stalker who wants to kill her.
 Cover By Josh Hayes.

(Kindle Unlimited)

The colony world of Montoya is a small peaceful agrarian society that welcomes the newcomers when a starship arrives from a distant colony. These settlers turn out to have come as conquerors. Brad Black, 12, and his friends are forced to join the resistance to save the world they know.

203-pages (including a new open detailing the origination of the newcomers) - Cover by
 OASIS (novella)

Jake is a happy-go-lucky boy on the cusp of becoming a man on the desert world of Oasis. His family lives aboard a dirigible, as part of one of the thirteen "tribes" that humans have become part of since settling on the planet. It's just a small, quiet backwater planet until someone takes over the reigns of power and starships appear over the only city. Now young Jake must take action to find out who has taken control and for what reason, before there is a full-scale bloodbath.

71-pages - cover by Eamon Ambrose

World Builder, 31 Short Stories

31 short stories of various genre, but mostly science fiction. Stories ranging from several hundred words to several thousand, from humor to adventurous. Some are as silly as a flea bath in "Here comes the circus", or "Honey, I was abducted, honest!" while others are more serious, like "Paper House".


Reward: Stolen Planet!
99 cents at Amaxon but it is free at Google Play and Smashwords

(9,000 word short) Two bumbling space truckers and a huckster seeking a reward for easy money get involved trying to track down a stolen planet! Yes, that is right, a stolen planet. Mallard, the huckster, tells the story of his adventure with space truckers Oliver & Stanley.

Short, Humor

 8 Short Stories
8 Short Stories, 67 pages.
Proper Care & Feeding of a Gort
Just To See What Happens
Admirals & Dreadnoughts 
A Boy on a River Bank
The Devil & King Midus
The Good Doctor Stutz
What Time Is It?
Tae Ga-Ku

10 More Stories

 10 more short stories of varying lengths. An emphasis on science fiction.

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