Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: OMEGA: Exile

OMEGA Exile. I am glad this book was free. I like the story concept, I like having a non-human as the main character (and POV character). The story itself is fine, as far as that goes, but this book has problems.

The main characters all talk in a stilted manner, almost never using contractions and stating obvious things. In the heat of action or right afterward they feel nothing about it, everything becomes matter-of-fact. Hey that ship blew up, would you like some coffee?

This tanker is full of cyanide, better leave them a message to filter it well. (really?)

There are stock characters like the Captain, the dog dislikes him, and everyone makes fun of him. The Chief, she just wants good publicity apparently. "Gretchen", a strange alien, who is described as hilarious by the characters when they just met her and she hadn't done or said anything funny. (not funny later really either).

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