Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review: The Fleet (by John Davis)

This free first book in a 3-part series by John Davis was first published a little more than a year ago. The main characters including the rootin' tootin' hard drinking, dirty-mouthed sex-addict (with his gal) Commander Dalton James. He is written so over-the-top he is almost a cartoon character who would feel at home during the gunfight at the O-K Corral.

Most human worlds are now infested with the undead (formerly, most humans) while the survivors live aboard a fleet of spacecraft. There are also vampires out there. Just when the decision seems near to choose a place to settle the remnant of humanity a new race shows up: cannibals with advanced technology.

The fleet can't go much farther without water (which is everywhere in our solar system but rare in theirs - not Earth) but they can make fuel out a lot of the rocks floating in space. Better yet, maybe they can duplicate the technology of the cannibal race who wants nothing more than to eat them. All of them, infected and uninfected alike.

The main character in this book kind of throws me off. The book is still entertaining enough to finish, though. If the gruff space cowboy (who is the best shooter in all the western galaxy) is your cup-of-tea you will enjoy this story.

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