Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: The Human Chronicles Saga: Book One

I'm just going to call it The Fringe Worlds and be done with that too-long title. Like many first books of a series, this one is free. These writers are like drug dealers, knowing you'll pay for the next dose and the next when you get hooked.

Adam Cain is a Navy SEAL who was abducted by aliens while on a mission in the Hindu Kush. He was later rescued and finds himself the lone survivor on a ship full of kidnapped humans. He soon learns that in his new "world" humans are the strongest and best fighters there is, no wonder an ancient race erected a barrier to the spiral arm of the galaxy where Earth is located.

This is a very entertaining story, no wonder it was one of the best sellers of 2013 (as the cover claims), or maybe it is a cover that feels familiar somehow, like deja vu.

I give this story 4 stars out of 5 because the author keeps bringing up religion and has all the characters agree that faith in God is stupid. The author seems to think the very existence of aliens and other worlds discredits Christianity, when there is no such limit on God in that religion. The only people who think this way are the ones who think it anyway. In other words the author allowed his own prejudices to sully a few parts of his story.

They are small parts and that is why I only took away one star.

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