Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: Crash Wagon

An ebook that is free right now, Crash Wagon: Book One- Family Ties, is what I have just finished reading. It an excellent, well-written book. I was going to write "tightly scripted" because this book made me think of the TV show Firefly. I know, deep breath, that is some hefty praise from us science fiction fans.

It's true though, the crew banter and relationships were all there. If these guys weren't out there on rescue missions they might be even more like the crew of the Serenity. This story takes place in out solar system and there is no over-bearing government, in fact crime families have major power. So we have mafia-type crime syndicates vying against each other for territory as a backdrop.

This book, first of a series, is very good and sets up a nice story arc for the future books. It is well-worth the time to read.

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