Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Tycho: Book 2 of the Tyke McGrath Series

Tycho is the second book of the series, but its the first I read.

Do not let the "Book 2" sub-title run you off. This book works fine as a stand-alone novel. This is a great science fiction story told from the POV of a teenager who also happens to be a genius when it comes to things like DNA and such. Sure, happening to know people who have access to a spaceship might seem implausible but it makes sense in the circles he was in.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this story, except for the hundred times a sentence ended with "You know". Those were annoying. It also makes it sound like the story is being told verbally, not written down. I don't know if the author intended that or not. Overall this story is well-done, you know...

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