Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here comes the circus







Here Comes The Circus

by Floyd Looney

“What's up, mate?” one creature said to the other “Welcome to our side of the woods”

“No worries” the visitor said “I heard the circus was coming to town, is this true?”

“They are scheduled to arrive soon, I wasn't sent to the edge by the elders to greet you now as I?”

The visitor agreed “I ain't nobody important, that's true”

He stayed and they soon caught sight of the visiting circus, walking up tn a long column two by two and a fat one urging them on.

“Keep moving, the destination is just ahead!”

The greeter moved forward “This clearing just over there is the place, my friend”

The fat one looked at the location “That will do the trick, thank you”

Then he turned back to the long columns “Over to this clearing, we have arrived for the next show, put on your best smiles everyone!”

The greeter and his friend watched as the big top and other attractions were hoisted into place, they could see the athletes practicing their acrobatics. One of them bent down and then leaped a good twenty-five his own height, did a flip at the top and landed with not a trace of a problem.

“This show is going to be spectacular” his friend said

“Might be the best ever, the whole village will want to see this!”

He was right, that evening the whole village did show up. The acrobats were planning to put that practice jump to shame. The concessions were doing a good business, the greeter saw long lines for the bleeding lumps and the oozing pustules.

“This is going to be epic” he heard a child tell its friend as they walked by eating scab cakes,

The greeter decided it was a good time to take his seat as the fat carnival barker began to introduce the big show.

“Welcome everyone to the greatest show on dog!” he said to applause but then everyone stopped and looked around. What is that smell? A few of the elders thought it was familiar and then they panicked “Everybody run! Save yourselves!”

The whole crowd began pushing and shoving like a riot had broken out, but the greeter who was at the entrance was able to move away quickly, but the toxic stench was overwhelming. He grabbed onto the roots of a hair and looked back.

A flood of green ooze had saturated the whole area, it completely covered the big top, he could see the bodies of others inside of the blob. He tried not to throw up, it was sickening. He hung on for dear life but the green blob was spreading quickly. He tried to climb the hair but ended up being covered in white bubbly toxic ooze. He was soon starting to black out, he knew the end was near.

That is when the real flooding starting with fast moving water that pushed others and the bodies right off their world into nothingness. He could not hang on any longer, he was destined to join them. This was the end.



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