Sunday, May 17, 2015

One more on the way

Okay, I have 2 stories out at the magazines waiting to be read and evaluated and I have 2 submitted to anthologies. I have one for another anthology that is ready to go, but that one is unpaid. I have several novella-length stories and short stories in progress too. Some of them will be published as e-books.


When I was a kid I wrote out a handwritten story, each chapter was 10 pages of notebooks and I ended up writing 100 of these "chapters". Yes, I had 1,000 pages of notebook paper stacked in a paper sack somewhere. It was lost to history, of course, in the process of many moves.

I have been thinking of reviving it, sort of. Writing them in short episodes, each a few pages long and then throwing them on Amazon when I reach 10 "chapters". It'll probably never happen but it is something I daydream about.

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  1. Well, I sure like what I have read so far! Your work is good! Enjoyed the surprise ending on the last short story:-)