Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Now Entering Transit Space

Just a bit of "Kita" that I added after the inspiration hit. I hadn't thought about how to write about "transit space" in the story. 

Kita smiled and realized this would be her first time in transit space. Kita wondered if she would even notice it.
Then Kita saw the wall and door in front of her stretch away from her a million miles, it looked like the little quarters went on forever. Then the 'event horizon' of this crept closer and she was mesmerized by it.
Then it reached the edge of the pile of pillows and she saw the colorful pillows stretch out across the galaxy. The thought that her pillows were on this end of the galaxy and on the other side at the same time crossed her mind. This was very interesting.
Then it reached her hand holding the glass and he saw the tip stretch away into eternity as if someone had wiped the wet paint on a canvas. Her hand didn't feel any different as she watched it creep past her wrist.
Suddenly it seemed normal again and she looked behind her at the wall she had been leaning against. It was stretched millions of miles behind her. But bit by bit the blur of transit space brought it back to where she was.

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