Thursday, May 28, 2015

Emony - New Arrivals

Emony might be Brad's girlfriend in NEW ARRIVALS and while her part is not large she is definitely not the wallflower you might expect of a 12 year old girl. She has to remind Brad that she grew up in the same colony he did, she had to learn to shoot and hunt the same way he did. She isn't a wimp:

As we watched someone on the right side was hit by a plasma shot and crumpled to the ground and then there was a small explosion on the right side.

“Grenade?” I asked

She didn't listen to me she was homing in. “I got you” she whispered and fired as the man began his movement to throw another grenade. She fired, it wasn't very loud but the air seemed instantly drier.
 One of the invaders crumpled to the ground, the others tried to move away but were caught in the explosion of the dropped grenade.

The colonists began moving forward and the invaders who were left beat a retreat.

“One shot, one kill” she said into her com.

“My thanks” the Swamp Rat replied. “Base, this is Swamp Rat the invaders are falling back towards the colony.”

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