Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lighthouse Keeper - Titan

It is morning but the sky has darkened again.

There was a tap, tap, tap of light rain when I checked to make sure the lighthouse was still working.

Now there is a tap, tap, tap of rain hitting the thin side of the house as there is heavier rain hitting the tin roof of my shack. The occasionally thunder, which I can feel, makes the dog whimper under the table.

I move the paper I am writing on from the left side to the right side of the table, because I know where the roof will leak if the rain keeps up.

I would really like to go home. Sure the generator hasn’t yet given out and the water purifier is not broken, but the view outside, when its clear, has lost all its charm.

I mean, I still like Saturn but I don’t want to live on Titan any more and the methane rains now make me cringe.

Lighthouse Keeper - Titan

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