Monday, May 11, 2015

First Post of Many!

My name is Floyd Looney and I spent my whole life enjoying science fiction and writing stories for myself. I have never thought about publishing anything until very recently. So I have decided to chart my course with this blog.

I have 2 stories submitted to science fiction magazines at this time and I have a story for sale on internet sites Smashwords and Amazon.($1.99)

New Arrivals is a short book about a low-tech colony world facing an invasion, the main character is Brad Black who is 12 years old. Brad, his horse Jones, his girlfriend Emony and the Whiting twins (not really twins) work to save their small colony from the clutches of the newcomers.

Time dilation means that travel from one solar system to another takes years, at least for those not on the ship, for whom it might have only taken months. So long-distance travel is not done for tourism or ordinary trade by any means.

It is short, it's not heavy reading. Suitable for all ages, and up.

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