Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nothing but Memories... (an extremely short story)

I'll be in deep sleep any second now, I think.

I have been lying here thinking about my family and my life growing up on the plains of Carafen, the gray and red dust between my toes. The giant dredger my father drove that would pick up the dirt and sand and inject bacteria, germs, nitrogen and necessary microbes to make it possible that it would bear life.

My parents spent 15 years in a frozen state to come here and make a miracle happen

Worms were the next step up for the project. I remember when my class visited the worm farms and we all had to learn to feed the worms and prepare them for the soil of Carafen. Some of the girls didn't like getting their hands dirty or messing with icky worms. Their reactions were funny.

Then I remember graduating from the small colonial school, most of us were the kids of scientists and engineers. My first job was to inspect the grassland plains to make sure there were plenty of bugs and other insects to make it sustainable. I remember being there with the class when colonies of the bugs and insects were released, we had cheered.

Making a “clean” world like Carafen into a life-sustaining green world had taken a generation. It took much longer on worlds that were hostile. Carafen was like Earth except it had no life at all. It had been just a muddy little planet before our parents showed up. Now it was green and on its way toward having a healthy eco-system.

That is why I am on a ship to a new world, chosen for terra-forming, it's 11 light-years away. Farther into the interior of the Milky Way. Something is wrong though. I shouldn't be able to keep thinking about my memories. They should have activated the cryo-freeze by now. Was there some problem? I can't open my eyes, of course, what is going on?

Hello? We have a problem? Isn't anyone out there to help? Somebody please help!

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