Friday, May 15, 2015

Dark Stuff

I got the inspiration to write sort of a dark, horror-type story. It should be less than 10K words, and I think I should do while the iron is hot.

He was wearing a dark overcoat, scarf and top hat as he ascended the rickety wooden steps of the run-down house. It was overcast outside and a scattering of rain, there were puddles in the road and walkways to prove it had rained recently.

The man got to the door, he could hear the sound of children paying inside, music too. Since there was doorbell he knocked on the door, the old-fashion way that he preferred. There was something about knuckles rapping on wood that just felt more real.

The door opened an inch and then shut before he had time to adjust to the light flashing into his face and he heard footsteps away from the door. A little girl yelling “Mom! The magician is here!”.

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