Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Zombie Tyranny (just an idea)

The Zombie Tyranny

 Just a general idea I had.

The Zombie Tyranny (just a short idea I had)

I was being chased by a horde of zombies. Dr. Maelstrom had sent me to see the future and was taking his time retrieving me. The zombie apocalypse was the past, the zombie tyranny is in power in this place.

I tried to escape. I ran, Lord knows I ran. I am between two cliffs that rise up on either side of me and standing on them are the Generals or Shepherds. Whatever one would call them. They laugh at me and tell me my resistance is futile.

“What can you do, alone?” They ask in unison. “Your room to run is at an end.”

It was. The trail I had followed had come to a cliff. It was so deep that I could not hope to see the bottom. At least two-dozen of the mindless ones were approaching me from where I had come from. This was the end of the road.

I will never become one of you!” I yell up at the two masked leaders. They laugh.

Just then I hear a voice calling from behind the zombies.

Jay, is that you?” It asked. It was Doctor Maelstrom himself, “What's going on here?”

Get away Doctor! Run! You can't save me now!” I yell as I edge closer to the abyss.

Save you from what, exactly?” he asked.

The zombies stopped moving towards me and they all looked back at the scientist. His eyes widened and his mouth opened in a silent scream. This was a common reaction. Where their faces should be were cell phones embedded into their flesh and skulls.

The Doctor back-peddled as the undead began moving toward him.

I will fix this! I will change this! Somehow!” he screamed as he fled.

I waited until they were almost atop me and their handlers were laughing before I finally jumped. If Maelstrom had survived then he had not managed to change anything as far as I could see.

Maybe Doctor Maelstrom hadn't escaped.

I woke up. As soon as my vision cleared I could see two faces that were cell phones peering into my face.

So, joined us at last I see.”

I touch my face but find nothing but a flat screen. As my hand moved across my face it blocked the camera momentarily. They had removed my face and implanted the device, but wee waiting for me to wake up before changing my mind.

No!” I said through the speaker phone. I tried to grab the device, I wanted to pull it off my head, but the skin and flesh had fused with it. There was no way to get a hold of it.

Kill me instead!” I cry.

Laughter was the only response this elicited from my captors.

Once it is activated, the contract is unvoidable. The penalty for early withdrawal is death.” Said one of the zombies standing over me. “Then again, once it is activated, all your thinking will be done for you.”


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