Sunday, December 27, 2015

Works in Progress

Now that THE FOURTH is for sale on Amazon and NEW ARRIVALS is 99 cents. I rest.

Not long. There rested.

Now I go back to finishing at least one of my Works In Progress (WIP) which include Lonely Space (Working title), Second Front and others. These are the two that are closest to being finished. I blogged the beginning of both of them on this site.

I have completely rewritten the prologue for Second Front already, it might need another going over though. I also think I need to rewrite much of the beginning so I can introduce some of the characters better, especially the non-soldier ones since there will be alternating chapters.

Lonely Space will need a new title eventually, I think. I might need to rewrite one of the combat scenes because I think I got myself stuck. lol.

I will continue to post occasional short stories, of course. I'll be putting out another short story compilation out as an ebook soon. 31 stories! Almost all of them have been published on this blog back in late June and July. None of the stories in it will have been in the other 2 short story ebooks.

Not every story in the next one is science fiction but it is heavily weighted in that direction.

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