Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Idea's are everywhere...

Time to write them all is the hard part.

A science fiction-fantasy story that mixes a fantasy world of swords, people with special powers, a power struggle between great houses and a battlefield that spans several planets.

This is space opera or something, right. Maybe. It remains to be seen. All I know so far is that this story wants to have several POV characters and I think some of them will be dying off as it goes on.

One of the main characters is a girl named Seri Halik who has hidden her special powers since she discovered she had them. She did not want to upset her father, because the powers had skipped a generation. As a result of this House Halik is in poverty and on the verge of crumbling. One opportunity has opened up on a world called Brevick, and it would require the young Seri to lead an army into battle!

Young master Terk Avnar, youngest patriarch of House Avnar in its long history, has disdain for the other houses and a lust for power. The tyrannical Governor of Brevick has been ousted by an alliance of other houses, but the alliance is very weak. Master Avnar sees an opportunity for great power, prestige and wealth. Enough to temporarily surrender the mantle of Master of House Avnar to go and lead his powerful family and army in conquest.

That is basically how it starts. Terk is a jerk, of course. In the opening scene he finds Seri's father drunk in the streets and urinates on him. This shows the reader what kind of person young master Avnar is.

I might post the first part of this on the blog when it is finished.


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