Saturday, December 26, 2015

Very Short Story: Demon in a Closet

Demon in a Closet

Linda was exploring the ancient temple's basement. It was considered unsafe but she didn't mind violating a few rules to get a look around. The place was a dream for history buffs, archaeologists and the like.

One wall of the cave-like tunnel she was in seemed a bit too flat. She scraped off some of the surface dirt and found it was actually a door. A very old wooden door that had become so encrusted with dust that it resembled the rest of the walls.

No one had opened that door in centuries! This was the kind of moment Linda had dreamed of, to discover something that nobody else had seen before. Her heart was pounding in her chest from the excitement of discovery as she pulled the rope connected to the door.

The rope broke and disintegrated into powder. She should have expected that.

She pulled and pushed for several minutes before some hard-as-brick dirt around the edge broke off and it finally opened. Linda aimed her flashlight inside the small, dark chamber. It was about the size of a smallish walk-in closet.

Linda was stunned to see a clean and shiny gold or copper-like cauldron sitting in the middle of it. Before she could think to examine it, flames arose in the cauldron and the face of a demon was poking out of the flames.

“I am the Eternal One, I am the Master of All That I Survey. Bow down to me, pathetic human!” It said in a loud and booming voice.

Linda had almost fallen over from shock, but a hand on the “door-frame” kept her from falling down, but she soon collected herself.

“How long have you been trapped in there?” Linda asked.

It has been five hundred years since I have seen a human face.” It boomed with authority, “It is time for me to take my rightful place, to be worshiped by lowly humans.”

I see.” Linda said. “So the old Order, they locked you in the basement to keep you from causing trouble I guess.”

The flames grew bigger and brighter. “Those ungrateful peasants. They are like maggots to a sea monster, not worth the notice of a great immortal like myself.”

“You keep calling yourself this and that, do you have a name?” She asked.

The face in the flame seemed miffed. “Why do you not marvel? Why do you not drop to your knees and ask for my benevolence?”

I don't do that kind of thing. Anyway, we've only just met.” She told the creature, “I could just leave and lock the door. Would you like to wait another five centuries?”

Please, please don't do that.” It pleaded in a high squeaky voice. “I've been so lonely!”

Linda grinned. “What happened to the big, powerful.. whatever your name is?”

The flames died down, it wasn't very bright at all. “Please don't lock me away, again.”

I'll make a deal with you. I'm a historian, you were around five hundred years ago and I want you to tell me all about that time.” Linda told him, “I'll record it, so I can write it up. In exchange, I'll stick around a while.”

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