Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I am about half-way through revisions on the novel formerly known as "The Fourth" (new title still in the air). I am also thinking about how to complete a major battle scene in "Lonely Space" (50% done) (working title). "Rage Against the Earth Czar" (25% done)  still coming along too.

Three of them, yes, and Second Front too. I know, it's insane.

Second Front is all first draft, of course. When I revise it I will have to make it a little more scientifically sound. Not much, it is science fiction after all. Another planet coming so close would have made Earth wobble, we'd have all sorts of climate and weather disasters happening at the the same time.

So that would have to be included as part of the story after revision. So Nemesis would "park" a few million miles away, at least. Unless you think losing the moon would add to the story, and that would be worth thinking about. Maybe! I'll think about it.

Remember it's a work in progress and all ideas and comments are welcome. Even though it is a first draft, constructive criticism is also accepted.

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