Friday, September 11, 2015

A Bunch of 99 cent Sci-Fi & Fantasy Ebooks

 A bunch of Sci-Fi and Fantasy ebooks for 99 cents.

Patty Jansen and other authors are making this weekend a time to promote all of their books for 99 cents! Every book cover on the linked page are 99 cents for this weekend only.

I counted at least 39 or 40 ebooks at the page, there could be more being added.

I have a short and a novella for 99 cents right here on my page for 99 cents.

Reward: Stolen Planet is a 9,000 word, 39 page short, for 99 cents.

It is my attempt at a humor book in my own weird writing style, like not using a period inside of quotes. I mean, the end quote means they stopped talking, so what's the point of the period, really. lol.

Two of the characters are my homage to Laurel & Hardy.

Oasis, as many know, was blogged here chapter by chapter. Now the whole thing is available as an ebook. I didn't spend much time and any money on a cover for this one.

It is 16,680-words and 71-pages, for 99 cents.

A "backwater" desert planet where people have divided themselves into "tribes" find their world threatened by outside forces.

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