Friday, September 4, 2015

Kkotjebi The Unwanted -part 2


part two

The local food warehouse is controlled and guarded by the military. Even the soldiers aren't looking too well-fed these days, she noticed. They were not use to being challenged and had a long history of pushing the masses around and abusing them. When times are hard they literally rob farmers of their livelihood as if it was their own. Her mother had intimated that her father had been a soldier who had raped her.

She walked right up to the gate and the guard outside still ignored her, one of the guards inside had noticed her though.

“Open the gates and open the warehouse.” The girl told the guards who just looked at each other. Then the outside guard gave her a light push.

“Go away.” he said.

The girl put her her hands on her hips. “I'm not going away yet.”

The soldiers went back to ignoring her. She felt the power rising inside of her. The strength of the anger and the hate made her smile. The nearest soldier stepped back when he saw the look on her face.

Then the guards were thrown back by the force of a blast-like wind that knocked down the fence and crushed the facade of the warehouse. A crowd had gathered and they had gasped and some sobbed when the power erupted from her.

“There is food! Lot's of food! Why are people starving when there is so much food?” she yelled to the crowd. “The government is lying. The government is letting us starve!”

Some soldiers were arriving from the other side of the warehouse. An open-bed army truck was arriving from the local barracks.

“You! You soldiers! Distribute this food to everyone in the province who needs it!” she ordered. The soldiers hadn't seen what happened and they ignored her. The crowd was being ordered to step back and they complied so quickly he was suspicious. Then the officer noticed the little girl and started toward her to tell her to scram when she pointed at the two and half ton truck and it went flying into the air as if kicked by a dragon.

He watched it recede and land more than a mile away. Then he looked back to the girl who had a creepy smile on her face.

“Distribute the food in the province, or I start doing that to soldiers.” She said and all of the soldiers tightened their grips on their guns threateningly. She laughed at them. They could not hurt her if they tried and if they threatened the crowd she would annihilate them.

“We'll be arrested and killed if we give the food away!” the officer said. Everything in this sad country was motivated by fear and greed. People would turn in their neighbors for not having the proper reverence to Dear Leader, even knowing how harsh the punishment was.

The soldiers were skinny but the crowd was gaunt and emaciated. Nobody was getting enough to eat these days, not that the command economy had ever worked well. They were afraid of being shot and their families being sent to the camps if they distributed the rice to the starving masses.

“You no longer have to be afraid of the fat man.” She told them. “You should be afraid of me.”

As she said this she balled up her hands into fists and the wind picked up and thunder sounded. The soldiers looked up and around.

“Put down your guns!” She told them. “From now on you are not to oppress the people, you will serve the people. You will make amends for the abuse that the army has carried out. This is how you will be forgiven. Otherwise...”

Lightening struck the top of the warehouse. The soldiers scrambled. She looked back to the officer and he flinched.

“You make sure this food goes to the people. I will hold you accountable!”

Then she continued on her journey toward the capitol city. The dirt road she followed soon led to a paved highway, two-lanes wide. It was cracked and not in good repair but it was one of the best roads n the country. This was one of the main roads to the capitol.

Soon enough she was entering another province. The girl stopped at a farm where she was well treated and she learned about the local situation. Soldiers from a nearby barracks had come by and stole from all the farmers routinely but the soldiers also sold fuel from their vehicles and things. Times were harsh enough for soldiers to be desperate. In a country where most of the resources were put into the military this was a really bad sign.

Meanwhile the propaganda continued. The fat man had forced the soldiers and others to build a ski resort and a water park even though the country was in such a state.

The fat man had to die.

He was probably sleeping in a different secure location every night and was surrounded by the most trusted guards. Still, she would find him and kill him for what he did to this country. Not that it was all his fault, for his father and grandfather had done the same thing. The whole system had to die.

A small group of soldiers arrived the following day at the farm while the girl had been preparing to depart. She listened to them threaten and cajole the elderly farmer and his wife, demanding food and grabbing a piglet to take with them.

“No!” The girl told them. The soldiers pointed their guns at her and then started laughing at this petulant child. She looked at their vehicle a typical UAZ and made it flip end over end down the dirt road. The four soldiers seemed shocked by this.

“Leave these people alone. Don't make me come back. ” She told them and then began to walk back toward the main road without looking back.

Soon enough the rumors of the little girl began to spread, most laughed them off. The military received a report that the girl was on her way to the capitol city on foot. The report said she had flung a vehicle a quarter of a kilometer without even touching it.

Back on the main road the girl soon found herself blocked by two large trucks, a smaller vehicle and an armored personnel carrier. In front of these were about two-dozen soldiers, they were already shouldering their guns. There were also a few officers present shouting orders.

“Show time.” She thought to herself. She raised both hands up, palms forward as if surrendering. Of course she had found that her palms projected the power better during her journey. She placed a barrier between herself and the roadblock and then flung the vehicles away one by one. The smallest, then the two trucks. She saw three people scramble to get out of the APC and let them before flinging it. It soared for at least a full kilometer.

The soldiers began firing but the barrier held firm. Then she moved the barrier forward and the line of soldiers were pushed along by it, they moved to stay ahead of it after being hit by it a couple of times. Finally one of the officers took off running and the men followed.

She knew they would bring out the big guns now. This did not bother her, this was all practice as far as she was concerned. She had a mission and she would carry it out. The power inside of her was getting ever stronger. If it continued to get stronger long enough, she knew she would also become afraid of it eventually.

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