Saturday, April 2, 2016

WIP Sample

As I continue to write this next ebook, I thought I would post a rough-draft sample from it. One of the soldiers has been captured by the aliens, who are not used to having prisoners. Normally they just wipe out life on a planet they are about to strip of all resources.

Sergeant Frank Gore screamed as the alien poked him with the white staff again. It looked like a simple white staff but it acted more like a cattle prod. The pain engulfed his entire body when the alien poked him, no matter where it touched him. It paralyzed him while he was being touched too.

Then suddenly the pain was gone as soon as the contact was broken.

Stop doing that you bastards!” He screamed at them, wondering if his mother would approve of the language in the situation.

The two aliens screeched at him. They were questioning him and he could hear nothing but fingernails on the chalkboard. He put his hands over his ears. Their screeching was almost as bad as the prod.

I can't understand anything you say! Are you too freaking stupid to know that?” He yelled in return.

The wall had been cut out of the stone and he was fastened to it around his middle while he feet were bound by metal strips to the floor. They had left his arms free for some reason even though his shirt had been taken.

Sgt Frank Gore had been watching the holographic recording of the AH-64 IQ unmanned helicopter when something knocked him out. He woke up in this position. It was some type of interrogation but without any possible way to communicate, nothing would be gained.

This is a waste of time.” He said when there was a pause in the screeching. The white stick poked him and the pain froze his body again. “You mother---..!”

Then the pain stopped again. As far as Gore could figure, they were targeting his nervous system which spread out everywhere instead of localizing the pain. It was exhausting. The pain vanished when the prod was removed, but the tiredness stayed.

I do not understand...” He started to say and then noticed that the two aliens were chatting with each other. Suddenly they reached toward him and everything went black again.

Sgt Gore was lying in a dark cave when woke. He stayed where he was for several minutes before pushing himself into a sitting position. The cave ceiling was barely higher than his head as he sat there on his rump.

A light appeared in the wall and a wide but shallow bowl was pushed into what he considered to be a cell. He reached out and pulled the bowl to himself remembering how hungry he was. The food didn't smell particularly good and it looked like thick, gray mashed potatoes.

Then he remembered seeing the roots that seemed to be for sale in the underground city, they probably made up a large part of the alien diet. Boiled and mashed root would probably look and smell exactly like this mushy stuff.

Gore stuck two fingers into the bowl and brought it to his mouth for a small taste. “Yeesh.” He said, it was definitely some sort of root. It had a sort of vague nutty taste, but the consistency was more like food that had been partially digested already.

Frank paused with that disturbing thought. His stomach picked the perfect time to growl. As much as he wanted to resist, he had to admit that he was hungry. They had departed Earth with the bare essentials needed for an extremely short mission. Instead, most of them had survived.

He sighed. “Well, I guess it's better than starving.”

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