Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Free - Born Girl on Roma

UPDATE: I didn't spend much time (and no money) promoting this free Ugly Bookling but it managed to give away 11 copies. Which is actually a lot more than I expected. If you read it and like it, please leave a review. Judge don't judge the cover even if you leave a less than stellar review.

UPDATE 2: 19 copies in two days with no real promotion. For a short story with an ugly cover it's not been too bad. It has been under 10,000 in the free store during that time but spent more time at around 11,000.

A 9,900-word short with a bad cover is free. Forget the cover, download the story and leave a review.

Born Girl on Roma

On Roma girls aren't born, they are made.
All of the females on Roma are artificially created to suit the men they belong to, they are programmed with the knowledge and the obedience to make good slave-wives. They can only bear male children, which perpetuates this situation.

Until one day, a girl is born.

Tala wants to run in the Tournament, to make her father proud. As the only free girl on planet Roma, she doesn't want to stand out much. Events, though, have a way of interfering with our plans and dreams. Is her old brother involved in something nefarious?

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