Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pink Moon

The first full moon in April is called a "Pink Moon". I just happen to be working on a short novella about a Pink Moon Event that is a lot more than just a full moon. Thousands of children were born with super powers, as they reach adulthood they are used by their governments in war.

I posted five rough draft chapters, probably about half the story (not done yet) on this blog.


Kimberly Nelson was born after the Pink Moon Event. At the age of 3 she was caught in an apartment fire that was fully engulfed. The fire did not harm her, she was completely unscathed.

Kimberly (now called Nel) is one of thousands of children born after the Pink Moon Event who were born with special powers. Today these children are becoming adults and war is looming on the world stage. Governments have decided to use these children as front line warriors!

They are the Children of the Pink Moon. They will become the Warriors of the Pink Moon.

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