Monday, April 11, 2016

This and that...

I had an idea for a story once but I never wrote more than a few pages of it. Earth was being quarantined by the Galactic government because they considered humans backward and insane.

So they decided to put a small crew of outlaws together to break the blockade against Earth. To visit another world where alien peoples congregate, show the galaxy that humans can fit in.

Fitting in involved smuggling booze and getting into a cage fight with alien contenders while running from the Galactic Patrols. The whole point was break the blockade and allow the human species to join all the others.

Their plan might just backfire though.

That was the idea anyway. It just didn't work out, although one never knows how the future will shake out. It'll be sitting there in my document folder, waiting for me. I was thinking about titling it Blockade Runners.

Today I wrote 1,300 words on a story that I realised had no plot and no point, you don't need several pages of set up to tell the reader the girl is poor. or do you.

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