Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cover Concept & News

I was trying to come up with a cover idea for A Child of the Pink Moon. Since I am nearing the end of that short novella, this has become important. This is not some orphan story that I don't know what to do with (see: Born Girl on Roma).

So. Nel is the man character of the novella, and her power is fire. That is not a spoiler. At first I produced something as simple as this:

 These are similar covers depicting Nel as a young child, engulfed in flame for the first time.

Very simple.

Very memorable.

This is the sort of cover you might expect on a short novella that isn't expected to make much.

These two versions show that while I can cut a silhouette and paste it on a public domain image, I am pretty horrible when it comes to making titles.

I STINK at that.

The good news for me is that Josh Hayes kindly gave me a wonderful cover worthy of a full novel. (Which I won't post right now). I don't know how to thank him and I hope the novella is worthy when it is finished!

This symbol from my covers still has some promo value though.

-----------------------  A little news ------

You can watch Josh Hayes and Scott Moon interview British science fiction author Ralph Kern (Endeavor and Erebus) on Youtube. The chat-interview is about an hour and those watching live on are also able to use a chat window to ask their own questions!

On Friday you can even tune in live and watch them interview Nick Cole, author of  CTRL, ALT, REVOLT! at their channel. I certainly plan to watch on Friday, maybe we can see each other in the chat window.

I'll post a link to their channel when I find it.

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