Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Reviews: Recently Read

Recently I have been reading some more of the free science fiction that can be found on Amazon and other places. I will share some of the thoughts I had about them, although I will say they are all worth reading.

Sands of Osiris (Aegis Colony book one) - FREE

A very good space opera series opener. I will have to caution you that it is not for younger readers since there a couple of graphic sexual scenes, which seemed pretty pointless from my POV. The first one was unnecessarily graphic to the point that I almost stopped reading. But overall the story is worth reading.

The first of a series , as usual. More of a novella.  The main character seemed to take everything a bit too much in stride. The story seemed a little disjointed but that could be explained by the character: a young nurse who still acted a bit childish, IMO.

The idea of someone purposefully infecting a volunteer nurse (or more than one) with the virus is a bit preposterous when there are literally thousands of locals who could be used as guinea pigs.

Overall though, you will want to know what happens next.

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