Thursday, August 27, 2015


I don't really read fan fiction but somehow I started reading a FREE Harry Potter fan fiction story. I must have been really, really bored to finally decide to give it a look.

Well, there went my week. This monster is 2,000 pages long!

Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality (which is free) starts with the premise that Aunt Petunia married a scientist and not a sad, pathetic guy like Dursley. Potter was raised by loving parents and he's also a boy genius. Did I mention there's a lot of humor too, this story doesn't take itself too seriously.

On meeting Draco Malfoy they got along great. Although the second time they meet 11-year old Malfoy says he is going to have to rape Luna Lovegood. Definitely not for kids, by the way. Most of the story is not like that, though. The Battle Magic class wargames are pretty cool, very enjoyable.

This book is better than the ones JK Rowling wrote. That is my humble opinion.


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Not really. lol

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