Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Very Short Story: Tick, Tock

Tick, Tock

“Just step through the gateway, Mr. Vash.” the old man who ran the project told him. Vash was looking at the aperture of a hole in the universe. But he could see the other side, he could feel the breeze coming through from that other world.

This just was not possible.

“So, this is how all my money was spent.” he said, with a smile. The stern-looking assistant never looked away from the computer terminal. The older man frowned “This is a complete success, worth every penny. Also an investment that will pay you back a million fold.”

Vash still could not believe it. It had to be some sort of hologram, some kind of virtual reality. Still, he pulled himself together and stepped through.

He was in a wooded area. Leaves covered the grass on the ground, it smelled musty. To his left was a small river and after walking a short distance there were sidewalks and park benches. To his right there was a depression and a pedestrian rock bridge.

He knew this place. Vash had been here a few times as a child. He walked over the familiar bridge and eventually reached the parking area. There weren't any vehicles. The road beyond had steady traffic of 1980's model cars, some of them looked new. Maybe, possibly they had really developed a time machine!

He thought of the investments he could make that would make him a billionaire! Vash carried some old money that he could spend without worry about being caught. He knew there was a store a couple blocks over. No, he believed now. He needed more than a pocket full of change for what he had in mind.

Vash turned and went back into the wooded area. He found the location he had started. The gateway was not there. He mentally berated himself. Of course they would want to keep this to themselves and now he was trapped in the past.

Back in the present.

“Well, boss, how long do you suppose it will take for him to realize that he isn't in our past, but a past of a different time line?” the stern-looking assistant asked, taking off her glasses. Then she let her blond hair down from the tight bun. “I think we should celebrate, maybe we could open the gateway into a wine cellar of old France somewhere?”

“I'm far ahead of you, my dear” the old man said with a smile.

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