Friday, July 3, 2015

"The Fourth" - In second draft

My next novel is to be called "The Fourth" and I am now working on the second draft. In the beginning I set the story way too differently than I did later on. I have to make sure everything syncs up perfectly, as well as looking for other mistakes and missing words and all that.

Then I need to make it into chapters.

I did a bunch of her story, then a bunch of the male characters back story and then the last part happens when they meet. I never intended the male character to become a major character, he started off as the intended bad guy. Now he is not that bad and they have to work together.

I am also continuing to add to Lonely Space. I put 7 chapters of the first draft of Lonely Space on this blog, and I decided it would make a good e-book when it is all finished. The story takes too long to develop for me to make it into a serial.

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