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Tarshis: Queen of the Mountain

Tarshis: Queen of the Mountain

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She swung her blade into the assailants shoulder, he went down to a knee and she kicked him away pulling the sword back at the same time. “Ha!” she yelled with obvious mirth “Queen of this mountain wins again!”

She surveyed her surroundings, the bodies at her feet were of the defeated challengers to her reign. They were armed combatants of various species from across the spiral arm of the milky way, only the other species called it Rogarn.

“I win again, Meister Jee” she screamed, joyously. She didn't know if her mentor, like a foster father really, could hear her but she was jubilant. Trained in combat since the XaXon's had dropped her off while still an infant she had no memory of her home world.

She was the queen of this mountain and today's fight was over. She quickly put her hands through the pockets of the dead fighters, cleaning out any of their currency cubes and their lunch pails. After she had slung that last of the lunch pails over her shoulder she ran back down the mountain to the cave she shared with her mentor.

The old Denga was sitting there wearing dirty rags, stained from many meals. They had been trapped on this rock for far too long, but the girl she was providing them both well, indeed. His mousey features brightened as she entered the cave.

She sat across from him in the cave “It was a good haul today!”

She took the first lunch pail and opened it “Sausages and Snot!” she shouted and laughed, grabbing one of the sausages and passing the pail into his paws. Then she opened the next one and said “Score!” pulling two bottles of whatever and tossing him one, she opened the top of the other and took a big gulp.

“Ah this is the life!” she said “Got a pocketful of cubes too, Meister”

He nodded. “You have done well, Tarshis”

“That Korgan was a nasty fellow, he actually brought a blaster with him” she sniffed and wiped her dirty face with a dirtier forehand “Didn't get much chance to use it though. I'm going to go back and take their armor and boots when I'm done eating.”

“Remember to burn the corpses” he reminded her “You must be respectful to the fallen, they were warriors like you too”

She waved and nodded and took another gulp from the bottle “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

Meister Jee shook his head and then said “You must calm down. Meditate a bit. There is something important I must tell you”

“I'm a warrior with energy to burn! Meditating is hard for me” she said with a grin

“Tarshis” he said gently “I have found your home world”

She nearly choked on the drink and spit some of it out to the side. “What do you mean my home world? Wherever you are is my home!”

Meister Jee shook his head “Being exile to this rock is hardly a home, even for one of my people and we aren't the cleanest species”, wondering when the last time either of them had gotten a bath. “But you should know your own home world, you should find out about your species”

“I don't care” she said “I don't remember it and it doesn't matter”

He sighed.

“I'm going to go get their stuff and, respectfully, burn their corpses. Then we will have a pile of tradeable goods to carry into Rottren.” she said and smiled “and we will be able to spend these” she held out some of the currency cubes from her pocket.

Meister Jee nodded “Then we will be able to afford to look up your home world and learn more about it and your people”

She slouched. “Party pooper”


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