Thursday, July 23, 2015

Featured Drabble

BookHippo.Uk sells books through an e-mail newsletter and they try to put a Drabble (100-word story) into every one of them. Today was the second time one of mine was sent out.

      Toy Box

It got lonely. Her big room was empty, not even curtains on the window that stretched across one wall, showing the rocky, gray surface under the stars.

All she could think to do was to open her toy box.

She took out some planet models and floated them into the air, set free a whale as big as her hand and it swam merrily through the air.

Finally she pulled out the doll, showing a holographic child, she scrolled until a human girl holding a doll appeared and activated the device. That girl was now in the room."Let's play!"

They also ran one of my Drabbles on  July 15th.

   Incognito at the Con

I first saw the two children in line at the start of the science fiction convention; they didn't really stand out much among all the TV and movie costumes. Just two kids dressed as grays.

They showed up later at a book signing; I noticed their costumes were completely professional with four fingers, two opposing the other.

As a matter of fact, they won the costume contest later that day; their suits and masks were seamless. They received plenty of applause and took the trophy.

I last saw them climbing on the roof, just before the big UFO sighting happened.

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