Sunday, March 27, 2016

WIP passes 30k words

My work-in-progress (not counting the occasional short story) has now passed 30,000 words. I think I can wrap up the first draft in a couple of weeks and start the rewrite.

It will need some substantial changes because I have changed the story a bit recently.

A strange noise from the launch pad got their attention and they peeked over the protective rock to see something on the far side of the flames moving. It moved toward their position a little ways before it occurred to them. It was walking through the flames as if nothing could stop it.

It's another one of those robots.” Lt Kim Lu-Hyun said, but they had all figured that out already.

We need to make a run for that big boulder at the foot of that rise.” Lowery told them. All four of them were getting ready for that when a large explosion occurred. It knocked them all down. One of the rockets had exploded where it stood because of the flames, the robot was no longer any where to be seen.

Forget that, go for the boulder!” Lowery told them. Run before the next rocket goes up, because that blast might be a lot closer. They all took off at a dead run for the next safe place but Sgt Frank Gore tripped over a large stone. He was getting right back up when he heard a noise behind him and heard his comrades yelling to him from behind the boulder.

The large robot was towering over him, there were still small patches on fire and most of the exterior looked burned, but it was still working. Some shots from his comrades bounced right off of it, and he heard Lowery curse, “We're just wasting ammo!”

Gore knew there was precious little ammunition left. After all, they came to set off a nuke and they had done that. Other than that this whole thing was a suicide mission. The robot reached out as Frank tried to scramble away by pushing his body back with his legs. It snatched him by the leg and lifted him mostly off of the ground.

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