Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dragon of Torik & Reward: Stolen Planet are FREE!

FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE (at Google Play and Smashwords)

2 Fantasy shorts

Torik Chronicles. 4 warriors are sent on a quest by the Prince of Archlandia to find out why the supply of peppercorn has been interrupted. There is a rumor of a dragon but they are attacked by trolls before they even arrive.

Marwyn The Great. A story about a low-class dwarf finding adventure and friends in the most unlikeliest place of all, starring gnomes and a dragon!

 Reward: Stolen Planet
39 pages

Humorous Sci-Fi Short:A Huckster named Mallard overhears two bumbling space truckers (Stanley & Oliver) talk about a planet that is missing. Smelling a reward he insinuates himself into their situation and off they go hunting a world that's been stolen.

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