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Story: Warfare in a Gun-Free Zone

What happened in Paris (Nov 13, 2015) is not an isolated incident, it was not a one-off attack. It was not caused by poverty or job discrimination. It was not caused because someone drew a cartoon or blasphemed some moon god. As much as politicians want to pretend otherwise, this is what spiritual warfare by Islam looks like. They are commanded to take over the world by the sword (violence). To pretend it means something else is foolish and suicidal. So by all means ban people from defending themselves, call them bigots because they don't want their daughters raped and open the borders and let millions more hostile foreigners invade your country to prove how tolerant and virtuous you are. It is just signing your own death warrant.

Warfare in a Gun-Free Zone

“Allahu Akbar!” The robed man screamed as he sprayed the plate glass window of the crowded restaurant with 7.62mm rounds from an AK-47. The patrons dining closest to the front were shot down immediately as the glass shattered and the rest panicked. They rushed to the rear of the building in a stampede trampling over the weakest among them.

The brazen attacker openly stood on the sidewalk as he emptied the 30-round magazine and replaced it with another. The shooter knew it would take the police several minutes to do anything at all. He had plenty of time and little to worry about. He had plenty of time to be assured of pleasing Allah, and a place in heaven.

The cries and pleas from inside just made him angrier. The ignorant infidel swine think they can negotiate with the sword of Allah, this was offensive. He entered the restaurant through the shattered plate glass front and kicked over a chair that was in his way.

There were at least six dead from the first two tables but someone was still moaning, the gurgling sound of blood in their throat. There was a girl, probably close to being a teenager. If she weren't near death, she could be made into a bride, temporarily. Instead he put a round through her head, not that the blond girl deserved it but because the sound was annoying.

“Please do not kill us!” A woman in the pack crowding the back of the restaurant pleaded. “We only want to live in peace with you.”

The infidel harridan received three rounds to the chest in a burst and the crowd jostled to escape. No they shifted as everyone tried to get against the back wall, to be the last to die. The cowards didn't even try to rush past him all at once. The fools. At least some of them would live if they knew how to think.

The gunman grinned. “Allah has truly blessed me with the most impudent of enemies to slay.” He told himself in his own language, which none of these people likely understood. Some of them were typing or speaking on their cellular phones, crying as they said their farewells to loved ones. Was their truly no-one among them who had the basic human nature to flee or fight? Self-defense had been conditioned out of these sheep, he recognized.

“Allahu Akbar!” He screamed, God is great, as he walked sideways while spraying the rounds into the cowardly crowd of infidels. Allah will be most pleased. Surely his path to paradise was now open.

Out of ammunition he slung the AK-47 over his shoulder and pulled out a knife. Those who were still alive were watching him with terrified eyes. He walked to a whimpering young wounded infidel, lying face-down a man barely old enough to have a beard and pulled his head up backward by a ponytail. Then he ran the knife through the throat from the left side to the right.

“Submit to Allah and you may live.” He told them, of course that would still make them serfs and their lives could be snuffed out at any time. These decadent infidels deserved death, “Allah will rule the world. All of it! We are commanded to carry out his holy will!”

Then he walked out of the restaurant and threw the gun into the passenger side of his Land Rover before leaning against the hood for a smoke. Would the police ever arrive?

In the wake of the terror attack on the restaurant the Mayor of Paris and President of France ordered security beefed up around Mosques in order to protect them from “revenge attacks”.

The President of France went on national television. “This tragedy like many others was caused by hate and intolerance. Hate and intolerance in return is the wrong answer. We must embrace those who practice the peaceful religion of Islam. We must not become a country that closes our door to them. Together we can live in peace...”

In a Toulouse hotel room three men bow in prayer with their faces to the floor.

“There will be peace when the whole world belongs to Allah. Submission to Allah by everyone is the only peace.” One of the men was saying. On one of the beds in the room were three thick vests. “We must slay the infidel wherever we find them. Unbelief is worse than killing in the eyes of Allah.”

"Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not." The man read this verbatim from the Koran he held. Then he summarized, “There is virtue in what we do today.”

The other two men always answered back. “Allahu Akbar.”

Their leader once again read from his Koran. "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority"

The other men repeated the entire phrase, for this was from the holy book they had all memorized from childhood.

Then the men stood up and began shrugging the heavy vests onto their bodies. They helped each other wire up the explosives and put the switch where it would be in easy reach. When they were ready they praised their god once again, “Allahu Akbar.”

"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

This was another verbatim verse from the Koran, this is the one they repeated to themselves as they left the hotel through the side door. Then two of them climbed into their old-model Mercedes that had been bought cheaper than a single Kalashnikov rifle in Eastern Europe and they waved their goodbyes. Tonight they would earn their heavenly rewards.

The lone man on foot walked toward the local high school where a basketball game was being played and there was a sizable crowd. The vehicle would go farther until dropping a second man at a local concert venue, he would carry a sidearm with him. The last man would drive the vehicle into the tourist area of Toulouse and target any large crowd he happened upon. First he would use his AK-47 before moving on to another crowd to set off his detonation.

There are no innocent unbelievers. They are all enemies of Allah and deserve to be slain for resistance to worshiping him. Mohammad Mira opened the door into the gym where the game had already started between the school teams. The crowd inside was made up of the young and their parents. Mohammad Mira only had fleeting thoughts that it might be wrong to harm children, but he knew that Allah disagreed.

“Allahu Akbar!” He screamed as he stood in the middle of the bleachers and exploded the bomb vest. Those closest to him were torn to pieces by the plastic explosives packed with metal ball bearings, some of those farther away had a chance to survive.

Ahmed Hussein paid twenty euros for the concert ticket. When he entered the arena his ears were assaulted by the loud bass and drums. The long-haired men on the stage were screaming into the microphones while giant speakers destroyed eardrums and braincells of those listening. Ahmed could hardly think through the noise and once he stood in the aisle near the stage behind the standing crowd waving their cigarette lighters, pulled out the sidearm, a 9mm handgun with a 12 round magazine.

Because of the noise, the flashing lights in the darkness nobody noticed the gun. A little annoyed that this had no effect he aimed at fired twice at the two annoying singers. Both were hit in the stomach and chest, the blood caused some screaming and the music died. Thank Allah.

The noise of yelling and talking picked up as the concertgoers tried to figure out what happened, someone was calling an ambulance. Two security guards carrying flashlights and big radios with waving antennae started running up the aisle toward Ahmed.

He shot them both. Now the screaming was picking up. People were running every direction in a panic when he picked up the detonation trigger. Even though nobody but Allah could hear him he still yelled “Allahu Akbar!” as he flipped the switch. The world went out in a flash.

The third member of the team drove until he found an area with flashing lights as streets full of bars and crowded sidewalks of drunken infidels greeted him. This was perfect. Using the AK-47 he began firing at people on both sides of the street. He actually aimed instead of firing indiscriminately. Since they were close, the gun actually hit what he aimed at. The effect of a man or a woman being hit multiple times in front of a crowd caused the stampeding to begin.

When the magazine on his gun ran out he climbed back into the car and drove away to find another target. There were dead and injured all along the sidewalks until he made a left turn at the next intersection. Suddenly his car was struck by another vehicle and he lost control.

When he came to his senses he found his side hurt and that his forehead was bleeding from hitting the steering wheel. The window was partially shattered but he could see the car that had hit him, one of those Chinese-made cars. There were two people in it but the driver didn't seem to be moving. The little girl in the passenger seat was trying to wake her mother up.

“Mom! Wake up!” the girl pleaded as the man climbed out of the Mercedes and staggered toward her window of the other car. The girl was watching him, looking terrified. He punched the window on the door and it shattered. The girl screamed a shrill note.

He reached in to grab the girl but she climbed over her apparently dead mother and out of the other side of the vehicle. The man chased her as best he could, but she was running and screaming towards a crowd of pedestrians who were gathering to see the accident.

The girl hid behind some women and men who were shouting and holding cellular phones to record what was going on. They were threatening to have him arrested and such. The terrorist smiled at them and opened the robe to expose the vest.

“There are children!” someone shouted.

"And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain..."

The terrorist remembered this verse very well. It was direct from the Koran. He was not going to be weak-hearted because there were children around. This was the command of Allah. Any pain in his heart for slaying the infidels was just bonus points.

“Allahu Akbar!” He shouted and detonated his vest in the midst of the crowd.

The television news kept viewers up to date on the situation as a wave of violent attacks continued across France. They brought on guests who urged viewers not to go out and harm Muslims or try to attack mosques in retribution.

“We have now learned that one man has been arrested outside Calais for making vile anti-immigrant statements on social media sites.” The anchor reported. Then he and two others discussed how these situations were bringing out the worst in some people.

“We will not tolerate these kinds of anti-immigrant threats.” Said one of the members of the Cabinet at a press conference. “We are doing everything within our power to protect the Muslim community from violence.”

Reports that a woman was found beheaded in her backyard just outside of Paris surfaced, as the perpetrator was still there wielding a machete.

One politician on television said,”I blame those who show no respect for Islam. Those who seek to offend them such as drawing their prophet, which is forbidden. This kind of hateful blasphemy is what is causing the violence.”

Another said that while France has stringent laws against firearm ownership that these weapons were slipping over the borders from eastern Europe.

“France is tolerant. We provide a safety net for immigrants. We allow them to have great autonomy in many areas of the country. They do not assimilate because our culture is intolerant and offensive.” one of the politicians interviewed said, “If you want to blame anyone, blame society.”

“If only they did not face job discrimination...” a female politician lamented.

The Prime Minister told the press,”These attacks have nothing to do with Islam!”

Television networks were careful not to air or at least carefully edit any statements that would be considered Islamophobic for fear the government would fine them or revoke their license. Interviews with opposition politicians were very short and hardly informative for the viewers.

News that a gang of Muslims in Avignon had chased down and murdered a Jewish teacher and three children was barely covered on French television channels.

Soldiers had shown up and killed the last remaining Muslim who was holding a bloody knife, there were calls by civil rights groups to prosecute the soldiers. The father of the murderer threatened a wrongful death lawsuit against the government, while the younger brother said he was proud that his older brother was a martyr.

“The Minister of Justice announced today an all-out effort against racism and Islamophobia….”

The church had gathered for a late-night service to pray for the victims of violence and to exhort the parishioners to forgive the attackers. To not blame the violence on Muslims. During the church service several armed Muslims burst into the church.

"And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!"

Sid Ahmed Galam led the terrorist cell. They destroyed the paintings and statues, they beat up anyone who got in their way. The Priest was forced to stand in front of the podium of a terrified flock and praise Allah. He refused and half his head was blown off by a rifle at point-blank range. Then they started dragging others to the front of the church.

"And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah"

Then the men dragged several children to the stage and forced them to kneel, guns were pointed at the backs of their heads. The gunmen ignored the cries, wailing and pleas from the remaining parishioners to be merciful to the children. That children are innocent.

“Children are innocent, you say?” Sid Ahmed Galan said with a sneer. “The Hadith makes it very clear to us, who are knowledgeable about Allah that this is untrue.”

More cries and pleas.

“The Hadith is clear in the matter. The Prophet... was asked whether it was permissible to attack the pagan warriors at night with the probability of exposing their women and children to danger. The Prophet replied, "They (i.e. women and children) are from them (i.e. pagans)." So when you infidels beg like dogs that children are innocent, we know it for a lie.” He told them, “Your own holy book tells you there will spiritual warfare in the final days, did you learn nothing? What did you think warfare looked like?”

Two of his men began beating the women and men until they stopped screaming. Then Sid Ahmed approached the first boy, his red face covered in tears.

“Will you submit Allah and his prophet Muhammad?” He asked the boy who didn't seem to hear him, instead he was searching out his mother, crying. Sid Ahmed Galan slapped the boy. “I am asking you an important question!”

“Let my son go!” A woman screamed and one of the terrorists dragged her to the front near the stage and began hitting and kicking her.

“Momma!” The boy screamed.

The leader of the terrorist cell was impatient. He put his hands around the boys throat to get the attention he wanted. “Shall I take you to learn all about submitting to Allah? If you come with me nobody else gets hurt, okay?” he lied to the boy. It is permissible to lie in the service of God.

One by one the children said they would do anything if they could have their mothers and fathers. The sheep sat there in their pen. They begged Sid Ahmed Galan to be merciful and said they would learn all about Islam if he wanted.

In the end the crying children were stuffed into crates in the back of a truck while gunshots rang out and the church was set on fire. The church burned as the truck drove away. There were three boys who would become future believers, or die, and a couple of young girls for other purposes.

These people and their governments were weak. They sought peace and coexistence while war was being waged. The world would be won for Allah, this is his command. The fools disarmed their people and pronounced this would mean peace. There would be no peace without submission.

For Islam means submission.


Italics are from the Koran except when noted as from the Hadith.

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