Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review: The Vintages (Mind Malignancy book 2)

The Vintages by Andrei Cherascu, $2.99 (315 pages)

I am a major fanboy of the first book "Mindguard" (99 cents), so I was eager to read this one. It is set about a decade later than the events of the last book and the Earth Enforcement Unit soldier Tamisa Faber has become the new defacto leader of the galaxy. Her fist is very iron, to put it mildly. Her hate and distrust of Mindguards is central to her motivations, although she is also fascinated by Sheldon Ayers. (She has a lot of conflicting ideas it seemed, a weakness?)

The story, the writing and the new characters all lived up to my expectations. As usual the author has no problem making you like someone who is going to die later. Is that cruel? Brilliant? Both? lol. This book is definitely worth the time invested in it. It also sets up the next book expertly, throughout the book instead of tacking it on at the end. New characters are introduced and new situations seamlessly, just as much a part of this book as the next one. (or the one after that if the next one is a prequel, ha)

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