Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cover Pictures (Fail)


Only the last one of these is becoming a real story. The rest are just idle ideas I had while playing with GIMP.

REGICIDE - Possibly a political intrigue story involving the murder of the leaders of the country in a decapitation strike by elements of the military.

 I am not really interested in writing it.

COUP - More or less the same story.

Emperor of America - A time of turmoil in the US is taken advantage of by shadowy forces. They take control behind the scenes and lead the nominations of both parties. One of them is chosen as the future dictator of America while the other has no shot. He has deep skeletons in his closet, which include bodies. His downfall ensures that the allies of the future Emperor win by a landslide.
RESET: A man is sent back through time and finds himself a twelve year old again. Even though he knows some future events and can use that to his advantage, many of the good memories are not happening this time around.

What looked like an opportunity for immense wealth is becoming a nightmare.

Graves of Mars -The second expedition to Mars arrives with a somber mood, they are expected to investigate the tragic failure of the first expedition. They all died and nobody is sure what happened.

Save Me: She is haunted by her own ghost which has come from the future to warn her and keep herself from dying. Maybe it was her own imagination, nobody would really believe her... except maybe her boyfriend. Unless he is the prime suspect of course.

Derelict - 500 years after a war with aliens that isolated humans to thirteen far-flung colony worlds with no way to communicate or travel to each other, a prospector ship finds a massive ancient battleship.

Can they fix it and make it operational, will their government take it away, will using it alert and bring back the aliens who once turned them into a primitive species....

I have 2 chapters at Wattpad, but nothing has really happened yet. It's all just set up so far.

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