Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Idea: Government agency responsible for rebellion...

Just an idea I had, it doesn't really fit into any stories... yet. What if there was an agency of government responsible for inciting dissent and leading an occasional rebellion?

Planet Avenia

As the United Assembly gathered in the capitol city for their second legislative session of the year, the one where they proffer and debate which laws to repeal instead of ones to pass, another agency of the government kept a close eye on the proceedings.

Director of Dissent and Reset (DODAR), Maxwell Donovan, read the reports from the various faction leaders with a grim look on his face. “This is pathetic.” He muttered, tapping the flat screen he held to change the page. “This is peanuts.”

As expected, well into the second decade of the sixth republic it was happening again. The elected officials were becoming used to corruption and misgovernment. “Is there no faction that wants to repeal the Expansion Act? Is there no leader who wants to repeal the Extirpation Clause?”

These and other acts had been completely unconstitutional but they had become law anyway, but unlike previous years the opposition wasn't riling up the populace and introducing them for repeal. It was as if those critical of the misuse of government power had given up to those who wanted to abuse their power.

He dropped the tablet computer onto the desk with a look of disgust. People never seemed to learn their lesson. People never failed to try and vote themselves more giveaways and handouts despite this not being one of the powers of government.

Maxwell rubbed his face with both palms. Not even two decades into this republic and it looked like the time to yank the rope had come. Human nature never changed, that was why the DODAR existed in the first place. Even though his organization had been writing and issuing dissenting opinions, articles and fact sheets, the majority nevertheless felt pulled to those offering a fantasy of something for nothing.

A century after this world was colonized and he would have to pull the plug on it's sixth republic. The whole stinking business had to go. It was not a good feeling to see the people of his own world so corrupt and greedy that they'd toss aside their reasoning and sanity when someone promises them the sky.

Maxwell Donovan then unlocked another drawer on his desk and pulled out a binder of paper documents. These were the files of individuals who were potential revolutionaries. He would have to choose one of these people and convince them to wage a rebellion against the sixth republic. To clean the slate and let the people of Avenia start all over with a seventh republic.

The Department of Dissent and Reset was not a well-known agency of government, but it was a very important one. It's main duties were to release dissenting opinions, criticism of government acts especially those not within their specified powers and duties and occasionally, when times warranted, touch off a rebellion.

Maxwell just needed to decide who was the right person for the job of leading a rebellion, or “reset” as they officially called it within DODAR.

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